Charlotte Omnès - Food Stylist and Culinary Creative Director


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Charlotte is a New York City based food stylist & culinary creative director.

Charlotte’s strengths lie in team & client communication, her bright spunky attitude & endless creativity which can be seen in her personal work.

With over 20 years in the culinary field and 14 years styling, Charlotte brings a strong understanding of the food world along with an understanding for client’s food specific needs.

In the roll as Culinary Creative Director, Charlotte begins early on in the creative process with the rest of the creative team. Offering ideas & authentic narratives, treatments, testing and final execution, she offers more than just the roll of an experienced stylist but helps to keep the integrity of the food which in the end, will always remain the hero.

Charlotte is fortunate to have assembled a team of experienced stylists and assistants with unique strengths from recipe development to master pastry & cake decoration. All team members come with the same can-do, team oriented spirit that is part of the Omnès touch. Charlotte and her team, although based in Manhattan, have experience working nationwide as well as abroad.

Experience Testimonials

“I am grateful for all of the amazing experiences and wonderful people I have had the opportunity to work with over the years. I am fortunate to have found a profession that I am passionate about and get to use my favorite medium as an artist…food!”



“I have had the opportunity to work with Charlotte both on jobs as well as test shots. She brings a wealth of knowledge and technique along with a tremendous amount of creativity to each project. I have been extremely impressed by her professional manor, and her willingness to offer ideas and solutions. The end results are always great. I highly recommend Charlotte and look forward to the opportunity to work with her on upcoming projects.”
-Beth Galton, Photographer

“I have now had the opportunity to work with Charlotte on two shoots for Food Arts magazine. I use the word opportunity because each occasion was such a distinct pleasure. It’s rare to find a prop/food stylist who, under tight expense budgets, has the vision to think outside the box, come up with inexpensive but creative solutions for each shot, and then overwhelm us with a roomful of possibilities on the day of the shoot. In addition, Charlotte is flexible and a gem to work with on-set, a great team player who really contributes to making a shoot day into a fun experience.”
-Sarina Finkelstein, Photo Editor- Food Arts, Cigar Aficionado, Market Watch and Whisky Advocate

“Charlotte is a very talented food stylist and easy to work with. She works in great balance with communicating with the client and photographer to achieve a desired result everyone is happy with. She has a great laid-back approach but executes with a plan in mind to keep shoots on time.”
-Lauren Wright, Manager of Creative Content & Brand Marketing , Panera Bread

About Charlotte Experience

“Charlotte is one of the very best food stylists I have worked with. She has great technical expertise with all kinds of food, but she also has a great hand––she places the elements in beautiful, fresh ways. A real professional, she has triumphed over very difficult situations, always producing beautiful work. I’m proud to know her.”
-Matthew Klein, Photographer

“Charlotte is the key factor in us getting the great product shots we need, and is the only food stylist we request. Not only is she very professional and dedicated, she brings a determination to get the best out of each and every project. Charlotte often offers options and creative solutions to challenging shots. Combine her great talent and skill with patience and humor, and the result is an attitude-free environment that makes her a true pleasure to work with.”
-Jan Velco Soolman, Brand Communications Manager, Gorton’s Seafood

“I have worked with Charlotte on a variety of projects ranging from the tedious and predictable to the “wide open to options and exploration” photo sessions. Across the spectrum Charlotte brings a fresh, enthusiastic and professional contribution to the shoot. She is always 110% prepared, has a great rapport with clients, collaborates and understands the needs of designers and art directors as well as the photographer. I would recommend Charlotte to anyone looking to put together a creative team with boundless energy. Charlotte has a keen sense of concept as well as execution and I encourage anyone wanting to work with her to have her involved at the inception to the project.”
-Peter Pioppo, Photographer



Culinary Creative Direction

  • Original Concept
  • Creation of Content
  • Treatment
  • Execution & Direction for Both Still and Motion Projects

Food Styling

  • Editorial – Books, Magazines, Etc.
  • Advertising – Ads for Print In Publications, In-Store & Out-Of-Store Promotions, Billboards, Flyers
  • Packaging
  • T.V. Commercials
About Charlotte Testimonials

Recipe Development

  • Restaurant Conceptualization, Menu & Recipe Development, Training, Menu Implementation & Openings
  • Manufacturing Recipes & Product Development: Development of Large-Scale Manufactured Products & Consumer Focus Group Testing
  • Institutional & Large Scale Service Development: Schools, Cruise Boats, Cafeterias, Military
  • Cookbooks
  • Consumer Recipes: Packaging, Recipe Cards
  • Magazine & Newspaper Articles


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Charlotte is happy to answer any questions you might have.
Specific work samples are available upon request.

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    Charlotte Omnès
    is based in New York City

    Mobile: (206) 354-5690

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