Prickly Pear, Green Onion & Red Bell Pepper inspired by the work of Rothco

After a trip to DIA Beacon  I found new inspiration for a new project as often one does when in the presence of amazing art.

I was very inspired by Robert Ryman’s work of white on white paintings.  Ryman’s work focuses not on painting something but rather the experience with the medium itself and how it reacts with the surface it is on.  I found this an interesting concept because food often is just that, not what you are making but the ingredient itself.  I presented the inspiration to Beth, who previously had been very familiar with his work, just happened to have visited the museum the very same weekend.  She liked the idea and we set to work brainstorming how we could use the inspiration but using food as the medium.  We both agreed that the “paint” should be easily identifiable substances and that the “canvas” should be something that relates to the “paint”.  We came up with a list of possible “paints” and “canvas” and went to work having the experience with the mediums.

Here is what we found.


A series in collaboration with photographer Beth Galton