Salmon Girl

The story of a girl who actually is what she eats. Growing up in the Northwest, working in many restaurants, I filleted A LOT of salmon.

I always loved the beautiful silver simmering salmon skin and hated throwing it away. Like leather, I wanted to make something wearable but unlike leather, this skin is ephemeral. The idea of the corset started out something much more epic, a dress. After years of contemplation and then actually realizing the idea, it reduced to the attainable corset. It took time to find a photographer that was open and crazy enough to shoot the project with me. Thank goodness for Scott embracing my idea instead of laughing it off. Being friends with the fish mongers also paid off when I asked for some skin and received a lb box. I sorted through it and picked out the matching sides to become the panels of the corset. I made a pattern out of paper and saran wrap. After freezing the skins flat, I worked on a piece of dry ice with a leather needle & catgut thread sewing them together. I then used the pattern to cut the shape of the corset, riveted the back for the laces and the idea finally came together after years of contemplation.


A series in collaboration with photographer Scott Pitts